People's Literary Festival

Scott Obenesser

Scott Obenesser is a Professor at Del Mar College where he currently teaches literature and First-Year Writing. His research is focused within the Environmental Humanities. He earned his PhD in English from the University of Mississippi in 2018 but has since taught in Germany, Alabama, and Texas.

Kent Lenz

Kent Lenz’s interest in teaching and writing has led him to reside in all four time zones of the contiguous US. He has a BFA and MFA in Creative Writing – Fiction and a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of English at Del Mar College.

J. D. Leza

J.D.Leza earned his English degree in 1995, concentrating on Poetry and African American Literature.  He teaches creative and therapeutic writing in academic enrichment, life skills, and gang prevention and recovery classes, workshops and programs.  He also teaches, edits and mentors professional writers as a private practice coach and consultant.

Zoe Elise Ramos – ZER

Zoe Elise Ramos (she/they), aka ZER, is a visual poet. At TAMU-CC, they work as a TLS Writing Consultant and they do post-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on genre-fluidity (and visual poetry) as an alternative scholarly media.

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy Author Photo

Tom Murphy is the 2021-2022 Corpus Christi Poet Laureate and the Langdon Review’s 2022 Writer-In-Residence. Murphy’s books: When I Wear Bob Kaufman’s Eyes (2022) from Gnashing

Stefan Sencerz

Stefan Sencerz, born in Warsaw, Poland, came to the United States to study philosophy and Zen Buddhism. He teaches philosophy, Western and Eastern, at the

Robin Carstensen

Robin Carstensen is the 2023-2024 Poet Laureate of Corpus Christi, and has served on the People’s Poetry Festival Committee (now the People’s Literary Festival of Corpus) since its inception

Lizbette Ocasio-Russe

Lizbette Ocasio-Russe is currently an Assistant Professor of English at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. Lizbette completed her Ph.D. in Humanities at the University of

Karen Cline-Tardiff

Karen Cline-Tardiff has been writing since she could hold a pen. She writes poetry, flash fiction, personal essays, short stories, and grant requests.  She has been published

Joshua Bridgwater Hamilton

Joshua Bridgwater Hamilton is a Louisville, KY native who migrated to Texas.  Between Kentucky and Texas, he has traveled and lived in several places, including Spain, Appalachia

Jonathan Dyen

Jonathan Dyen is an Assistant Professor of English at Del Mar College, prior to which, he taught for 20 years at colleges and universities in Massachusetts. He earned his PhD in

Dylan Lopez

Dylan Lopez is an English graduate student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He is currently the Managing Editor of the Windward Review and President of the Islander

Chuck Etheridge

A self-proclaimed desert rat, Chuck Etheridge was raised in El Paso, Texas. After a stint in the US Navy keeping the coast of Southern California safe from the threat of enemy

Alan Berecka

Alan Berecka is a recently retired librarian who lives with his wife Alice and dog Ophelia in Sinton, Texas. He has published 5 full collections of poems and three chapbooks. His latest book A Living

Sarah K Lenz

Sarah K. Lenz is the author of the essay collection, What Will Outlast Me? (Unsolicited Press, 2023). Her creative nonfiction has appeared in Colorado Review, New Letters, Triquarterly, and

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