People's Literary Festival

The Poetry in Translation Panel, hosted by Rossy Lima DePadilla, features poets and translators.

Author: Transborder poet, Rojas Joo has published seven books of poetry, a monograph about contemporary Mexican poetry, and has coedited two poetry anthologies denouncing femicide and violence in Ciudad Juarez.

Translator: Jennifer Rathbun, poet and translator, is a Professor of Spanish and Associate Editor of Ashland Poetry Press at Ashland University. 

Author: Carolina Sánchez is a Colombian writer and translator living in New Jersey. She was the editor and co-founder of the Colombian independent publishing house El lobo está en el bosque libros in Bogotá.

Translator: Ariel Francisco is the author of A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship (Burrow Press, 2020) and All My Heroes Are Broke (C&R Press, 2017). A poet and translator born in the Bronx to Dominican and Guatemalan parents and raised in Miami.

Author: Christopher Carmona is the interim Director of Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.  Currently, he serves as the Chair of the NACCS Tejas Foco Committee on Implementing MAS in PreK-12 Education in Texas.

Translator: Gerald Padilla (Los Angeles, CA) is a publisher, translator, educator and cultural promoter. He has worked closely with the community of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to promote Latin American Culture and Mesoamerican Culture as a strategy to validate our past and reconcile our identity.

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