People's Literary Festival

Roy Cervantes

Award winning author Roy Cervantes is a Texas native and veteran of the U.S. military. Along with writing Never Wake Up a Sleeping Dragon, Cervantes is also the author of the novel, A Texas Story. Never Wake Up a Sleeping Dragon is a powerful tale that relates what it is like for children with parents […]

Patty York Raymond

Patty York Raymond is a Multi-Award-Winning Author, Advocate and Education Consultant. She has written several children’s picture books including It’s Too Windy and The ABC’s to Ranching which were both awarded several awards including the International Book Award. Her most recent children’s book is a flip over book in English and Spanish entitled, Aspire! Aspirar! […]

David Norec

David Norec is award-winning author of The Adventures of Exo and Cy. In 2013 and 2014, he lost his brother and sister to complications of diabetes. A few months after the death of his sister, he made a simple prayer to God. Immediately, he received the answer to that prayer. He was to write a […]

Claudia Villarreal

Multi Award-Winning Author Claudia Villarreal wears many hats: from Educator to Business Owner to Professional Actress to Children’s Book Author. Her first children’s book, The Alphabet Thief Who Stole the Vowels, has sold close to 30,000 copies to date. The goal of Ms. Villarreal’s latest endeavor and book, The Bully Who Learned to Love, is […]

Rosa Esthela Mora

Rosa Esthela Mora is an aspiring multilingual author with more than fifteen years of graduate studies in family and marriage counseling and psychotherapy. She shares her knowledge and the wisdom of her multicultural experiences throughout the chapters of her exciting and relatable novels that have the power to put a smile on your face and […]

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