People's Literary Festival

Jayne-Marie Linguist

Jayne-Marie Linguist (she/her/hers) received her BA in English from TAMU-CC in 2021; she has recently returned to TAMU-CC as a graduate student in the MA English program. Jayne-Marie uses poetry as a tool for self-reflection and healing; she often writes about her experiences with mental health, queerness, and fat positivity.

Heather Stark

Heather Stark is a business owner, podcast host, public speaker, and the author of Her Story: A Hilarious and Heartfelt Conversation About Why Beauty Milestones Should Be Options And Not Expectations. Her work has been featured in several online magazines and news sites, including Femmish, Motherly, and HuffPost.

Zoe Elise Ramos – ZER

Zoe Elise Ramos (she/they), aka ZER, is a visual poet. At TAMU-CC, they work as a TLS Writing Consultant and they do post-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on genre-fluidity (and visual poetry) as an alternative scholarly media.

Sarah K Lenz

Sarah K. Lenz is the author of the essay collection, What Will Outlast Me? (Unsolicited Press, 2023). Her creative nonfiction has appeared in Colorado Review, New Letters, Triquarterly, and

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