People's Literary Festival

Andrea Perez

Andrea Perez is a native of Corpus Christi Texas who started writing after the tragic death of her dog Maximilian to aid in her grief.  She is a US Army veteran who works full-time as an Audiologist and enjoys creating poetry in her spare time.

Lisa Annette Ramos

Lisa Annette Ramos is a full-time breadwinner for a family of five. She is also a caretaker to a physically disabled husband. She has a degree in education and a background in professional art and writing. But day-to-day work, financial stressors, and mental health difficulties have prevented her from doing what she is capable of […]

Kindel Casey

Kindel Casey is a student poet and writer at TAMU-CC, currently in the works on her first collection of poetry. Working with Windward Review and Islander Creative Writers, she created a writer’s support group in order to overcome writer’s block and meet other writers on campus.

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