People's Literary Festival

Leslie Lea

You may find Leslie Lea vending her wares for coin at local events or selling roses at dirty night clubs on the weekends. She is married to theĀ  poet and artist, Mike Linaweaver. Leslie has presented her work at local events and open mics. Her first chapbook, The Red Verses, is under construction.

Adam Turl

Adam Turl is an artist and writer from southern Illinois. They are an editor at Locust Review and a member of the Locust Arts and Letters Collective (LALC). Turl is working on an evolving conceptual and visual art project, Born Again Labor Museum, with their partner Tish Turl.

Tish Turl

Tish Turl is a writer, artist, andĀ  founding member of the Locust Arts and Letters Collective. They are the author of the serialized novella, Sound, appearing in Locust Review, as well as an ongoing poetry series, The Toilet Key Anthology and the franken-prose-poetry project, Stink Ape Resurrection Primer. Tish is a co-organizer of the Born […]

Mike Linaweaver

Mike Linaweaver is a Marxist, worker, occasional writer, poet, woodworker and artist originally from the Smoky Hill River Valley region of central Kansas who resides in the southern wastelands of Coastal Texas. He is a member of the Locust Arts and Letters Collective and is a participant in the Locust Review Editorial Collective. He is […]

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