People's Literary Festival

Zoe Elise Ramos – ZER

Art is about survival. Art is painful in the best way. Zoe Elise Ramos (she/they), aka ZER, is a visual poet. At TAMU-CC, they work as a TLS Writing Consultant and they do post-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on genre-fluidity (and visual poetry) as an alternative scholarly media. They use creative multimedia (i.e. art, photography, doodles, video, hybrid story-telling) to vividly elaborate on multiple dimensions of complex problems. Intersectional creative and research interests, amongst many, include compassionate organizations (and institutional/ research ethics with a global audience in mind; meta-science), complexity theory as a (post-disciplinary) meta-language, and knowledge management for social/ cognitive justice and pluralistic justice. In their creative/ scholarly work, they value ephemeral auditory/ visual components and also experiment with epistemic engineering improvisation, nuttiness, deep intertextuality, and ‘Trashiness’ (especially through their alterego, Tara Incognita).

They are the Creative Director/ Sr Editor for Windward Review, a TAMU-CC based creative journal & blog. Windward Review is a student-led and faculty-facilitated compassionate editing journal, the first of its kind. Its compassionate practices, organization, website, events, and outreach are continually being researched and improved through the hard work of student and faculty volunteers.

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